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Heal the Divide

After the tumult of the last four years, we are assembling a team of experts to help lower the temperature of the national conversation, so that we might hear each other and come together to find common ground.

Heal the Divide is an informal collaboration of messaging experts and psychologists, who came together to help organizations improve their outreach to those who we have lost due to political polarization.

We have expertise in corporate and political language and framing, linguistics, behavioral science, and proprietary approaches to conscious and unconscious testing.

Much of our work is pro bono. We are not an agency, though some of our group do have leadership roles in agencies and other service provider organizations.

We have invested in extensive research, in two key areas:

• Developed a slate of messages that work well in reaching independents, including conservative leaning voters without compromising the core progressive and liberal vision.

• Developing a methodology revealing the unconscious meanings that people take away from political messaging, which is often very different from what they say when polled.

We share, on a pro-bono basis, the findings from the above work, with any individual or group that is actively working to heal these divides. We are available to present our research, brainstorm, provide feedback on messages you are considering using, and more.

How we’re different

1. A bi-partisan approach. We work to connect with independent voters because we understand them and are less influenced by the partisan reflexes that work well with the base but risk unintentionally alienating others.

2. An expertise in values, language, and framing. We anchor our thinking in fundamental unconscious human values, and we develop messaging to test based on decades of expertise in creating language and message framing with a proven track record of changing minds and driving new behaviors.

3. A deeper approach to resonance testing. We use a combination of novel, proven methods to test both unconscious and conscious voter response to language and messaging to get at people’s far more predictive gut responses.

What we’ve done

We have developed a proof of concept that identifies some components and properties of messaging that appeal to both independents and the base. The work was not focused on a specific campaign or issue and thus is not ready for prime time, but it provides an in-depth overview of our approach and suggests promising areas for candidates and advocacy groups to explore.

Our objective

Our objective is to put our approach at the disposal of candidates and advocacy organizations, applying it to real-life challenges. And we are eager to explore ways we might add value to your efforts at this critical moment in our country’s history.

We can put any message you may be using or considering through our unconscious message testing process. This type of work needs to be fee-based to cover the costs involved. Contact us for a job specific quote.

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Contact Dr. Jessica Broitman jess@doctorjess.org or call (510) 612-6392